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Outlaw Weekend

Outlaw Weekend

Our triathlete, Luke Dragsta, reports from the Outlaw Triathlon.

I sort of got roped into doing the Outlaw triathlon last weekend, but in the end I was glad I did.  It gave me a chance to check in at Planet X headquarters and get a Retul bike fit in their show room with expert Chris Last.  He had me dialled in so much better than I have ever been, despite not having time to adapt to the new position before the race it felt so much more comfortable and powerful.

The race start was at half 6!! Now that is also not really my thing, but on the bright side I would be done by eleven at the latest.  I made it to the start on time and despite a busy week and terrible night sleep I was feeling pretty ready to go. 

At the honk of the hooters I launched myself into the water and twenty hard strokes and I was off.  I had a quick peak left and right and was astonished that only one guy was even with me. This was going to be fun!  We swam side by side in the easy-to-navigate waters of the rowing lake at the National Water Centre and I felt great!  I put a little surge in for the last 400m and managed to hold a gap and was first out of the water… for the first time in years!  Not bad for an old retired guy.

I got confused in transition not being used to having my bike racked way off in the corner and ended up taking the scenic route to get there but still managed to be first out of transition two… but unfortunately I wouldn’t be first out on the bike course. My front tire was flat and guess what this seasoned veteran didn’t take along today?  Spare tire or pump! So I had my little hissy fit and then just stood there.  Word got back eventually to the Planet X stand and one of the guys hauled ass around the lake with a spare front wheel.  By that time I had already lost almost quarter of an hour but I actually wasn’t all to bother as I was doing the race for fun and thought maybe I could try to make a good show of it.  So hammered through the bike course and managed to catch everyone but the top three guys. Minus the fourteen minutes it was the fastest split of the day Thanks to the fit of the Exocet 2 I felt fantastic.

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect on the run.  I haven’t done any running over an hour for months, except for getting lost in the forest once a few weeks back.  I felt ok and knew could manage about a four minute pace with no problems but with so little training, there was not much more in the arsenal.  I managed to maintain the gap to the front but didn’t make any inroads.  I finished about thirteen minutes down on the winner so it could have been a really fun battle without the puncture disaster. 

I did thoroughly enjoy the day though, that is for sure.  We had a sunny day, the bike course was challenging and fun to ride and the run course was nice and flat and completely in the park.  I would definitely recommend this event.  It has a low entry fee. You can camp out and the atmosphere was great.  Most of the finishers hung around to cheer on the last ones in and the announcers were also really into it. See you at the next one on the 7th July.

6 June 2013

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