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Race Day Worries

Race Day Worries

Things have been a little tense over the last week as I (Fiona Russell) raced my second qualifier for the World Age Group Triathlon Championship 2013. (But I found success!)

1)   To start with Planet X who is sponsoring me as a Planet X “blogging athlete”, had to rush a time trial bike to me in less than a week. I worried for days that it wouldn’t arrive. It arrived Thursday afternoon, the day before I flew to Bristol for the race.

2)   On Friday morning, my coach, the Mighty Vickster, called me to say she was worried about me racing on a brand new bike and on a time trial bike (I’d never ridden a time trial bike).  She was right to be worried.

3)   I took heed of MV’s words and went for a short spin on the bike. It felt good but I still worried I was mad to ride a new – and very different – bike in an important race.

4)   I decided to take the bike. I packed it in a bag for the plane and worried that it would get damaged en route.

5)   Arriving in Bristol it was clear that it was going to be a windy weekend. Wind and time trial bike wheels with deep rims do not go well together. I worried I’d made a big mistake bringing the bike.

6)   I took the bike for a test spin in the wind on the Saturday and doubled my worries. Unused to the affect of the wind on the front wheel, I veered across the road a few times.

7)   Race day worries included:

  • Fears of messing up the swim route by swimming to the buoys in the wrong order
  • Misting up of my goggles.
  • Numb hands and feet due to cold Bristol harbour water
  • Not finding my way, while wearing prescription goggles, from the swim exit to T1. It was the longest such transition I’d ever seen.
  • Messing up T1 by not being able to get my wetsuit off and then not being able to get my feet into the bike shoes that were attached to my bike.
  • Wind worries on the windy cycle course.
  • Getting feet out of bike shoes at a tricky entrance to T2.
  • Being too slow in T2.
  • A stiff back after riding the aggressive racing position on the Planet X time trial bike.
  • Useless wobbly legs in the run.
  • Lack of energy
  • Asthma
  • My period.

8) And most of all I worried that I’d finish just outside the qualifying place of 5th in my age group.

But I needn’t have worried so much.

16 July 2013

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