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The Battle for Southern Sweden

The Battle for Southern Sweden

A few weeks back I (Luke Dragstra) headed down to Karlskrona as they were having their club champs sprint tri and I thought I would join and see if I could give their local star Christian Malmstrom payback for outsprinting me at the Vaxjo Triathlon.

It turned out to be a fantastic Dual as he marked me in the water and we went back and forth on the bike coming into T2 together well ahead of the rest of the field.

I was a little worried as in Vaxjo I had a 30second lead on Christian and he managed to make that up quickly and holding me until ripping past on the home straight.  I had been doing a little bit of track work so I thought despite doing less than 10 hours of training per week I might have some wheels on the run.  We went through the first km in 3:14 (pretty fast for a bandy legged retired ex pro geezer) and Christian was right with me.  I kept the hammer down and felt better than I have in years and managed to open a gap after 2km.  It widened to about 10 seconds by 4km and I managed to hold him off.

The Dual stayed in tact all the way down the field as a whole group from the Kalmar RC Triathlon club came down and went head to head with the Karlskronians ending up in a lot of close finishes.

It was a classic old school event and a lot of fun.  Thanks to Christian and the Karlskrona club for putting it on and inviting us down.  We will have to return the favour later this summer.

19 July 2013

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