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Planet X Scandinavia

Planet X Scandinavia

This year was a change of pace to say the least.

Instead of chasing the race scene around the globe, I bought a house, got married and started a business with my lovely wife.

One thing that didn't change much was that we were at events most weekends this summer. Our main line of business, of course is promoting Planet X here in Sweden and what better way to do that is setting up tents at events and showing Planet X's arsenal.

On most occasions I decided to race and let Annie, my wife manage the stand.  It worked quite well but I definately realized that racing is not as much fun when you don't train.  Even in the smaller events I couldn't get me a podium.  I think I went 4th, 5th and 4th in two Olympic distance races and a sprint and then finally managed a 3rd at the Mini Tri part of IM Sweden where I managed to take out two fellow ex-pro's Clas Bjorling and Ted As (both of whom repayed the favour in other races).

Then last weekend I thought I would see if I could go alright in a Half Distance race as things have started to feel a bit better.  Between driving down there and working the stand a half was just a little too much for me.  I did have to start in the last wave as being a last minute entry and this being a Swedish Championship they wouldn't let me start with the elite's.  So I was mostly on my own and sort of taking my time.  Despite that my legs were in rough shape halfway through the run and I and shuffled'er home for a 1:25 run and and 4:11 total for 11th!! 

It was quite worthwhile to see what's capable after a summer of very minimal training and I am playing with the idea of doing a touch more next year and maybe trying another IM race.  

Another perk of doing this Promo tour is that I get to ride on Planet X's creme de la creme bikes.  I have been really getting into a groove on the exocet and am excited to see what I can do it next year with a touch more training.  The Planet X Mondo is the lightest, stiffest road bike I have ever ridden and I love setting it up at expo's with a set of CT45 wheels and letting customers pick it up. At 6.4kg it definately draws a crowd.

That about sums up my summer of racing and I hope to see some of you at the races next summer, or possibly at some training camps this winter.


Keep drillin' it.

Luke Dragstra


7 September 2013

Mondo Bikes and CT45 Wheels


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