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Team VVF-Planet X 2013 Round-Up

Team VVF-Planet X boast our Jamie Burrow as their team captain on the roads of Italy. Team manager Maurizio Bachini gives us a round up of the highs and lows of the season just past.

2013 started off as a very promising year for our team. Our performance was being watched carefully by the entire Granfondo sector, due to our meteoric debut with the Planet X brand in 2012 which had seen a number of prestigious wins by our team captain Jamie Burrow, and taken us into the spotlight as one of the top three or four Italian Granfondo teams. In addition to confirming Jamie Burrow as team captain, we had also taken on three further strong riders. Unfortunately not all the best-laid plans bear fruit, and the year started off on the wrong footing with Jamie being laid low by a cycling accident shortly before the beginning of the race season, leaving us without our best performer and therefore threatening to jeopardise our position as one of the top teams.

Granfondo rider from Team VVF-Planet X 2013 on the road


During the year, our new additional riders Zannelli, Iacomelli and Saccomanni made it to top placements at most of the key Granfondo races, but without our usual array of first places , so we travelled all over Italy with a lot of positive results but only one victory. Fortunately the field was greener for our female team, where our top rider Ilaria Lombardo pocketed over 20 victories, including first place on the Giro d’Italia Granfondo race.

From the beginning of May, our hopes were centred on Jamie, who had been focussing on work commitments around the world for a number of months before having been able to find a window to prepare for the king of all Granfondo races, the Maratona dles Dolomites, which we were looking forward to with all the enthusiasm generated by Jamie’s victory the previous year. As we all know, however, in sports and in particular in cycling, you can’t expect top results without continuous dedicated training, and although Jamie is a natural cycling talent, as he had only been able to train for 37 days, he had to put up with being overtaken by riders who had crossed the finish line 7/8 minutes after him the previous year, and content himself with 4th place.

Granfondo Team VVF-Planet X 2013 team car


During the summer, our athletes trained hard with a view to getting back into the limelight for the final phase of the season, and sure enough one of our top riders, Matteo Zannelli, succeeded in his aim for an end-season victory for the Vigili del Fuoco team, beating over 5,000 other participants to win the Granfondo di Roma.

Overall we had a good year, always making it to top placements at the most prestigious Granfondo races, with the help of top technical gear (Planet X bikes and wheels). As we travelled to all of the top cycling regions in Italy throughout the season, we were able to create a lot of exposure for the Planet X brand, which had already engendered a lot of market interest (both from a technical and design point of view) here in Italy on the basis of our impressive debut season the previous year.

Full team line-up: Granfondo Team VVF-Planet X 2013


We look forward to generating further interest in Planet X and its associated brands in 2014 with a successful Granfondo race season, and hope to be able to count on the continued support of Planet X bikes.

27 November 2013


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