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Craig Preece welcomes in 2014

Craig Preece welcomes in 2014

Craig Preece is a Afghanistan war vet, C4 classified paracyclist and Planet X sponsored rider.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a more weather conducive start to 2014, although just checking the forecast that’s pretty unlikely! I think Rule 5 and 9 will be in use a lot this month!

It’s been a busy festive period. Picture this.... a lovely Christmas in Center Parcs and instead of the Queens speech all my family could hear was the familiar drone of my turbo trainer. After all, a bike is for life, not just for Christmas! I think I’ve got the perfect balance of family and training just right, although I’m not sure if they’d agree!

With all the base training throughout November and December it was nice to chill with the family and of course my trusty turbo trainer!

Looking ahead to 2014...

My main goals this year will involve competing at a top level nationally within the Para cycling calendar. This will include both road racing and Time Trialling. As well as this I’ll be continuing to race alongside able bodied cyclists because as many of my close friends and family will tell you, I don’t think of myself as “disabled” more as “handy- capable”!( although my wife would disagree when it involves me making her a coffee or tea in the evening!)

As I write this I’m sporting a rather large bruise and gravel rash to my upper thigh after an icy fall on the bike at the weekend. Luckily the bike came off better than I did. So, keep safe out there and happy cycling in 2014!

7 January 2014


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