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Haygarth vs Cragg Vale

Have you ever cycled up and over Cragg Vale? Well, it's quite tricky, a proper climb that burns the lungs and legs. This year the TdF passes that way, but they too only have to tackle it the once. Planet X/On-One rider, Dave Haygarth, will be out there tonight with many others tackling the Alpe d'Cragg event, consisting of 24 hours of climbing the longest hill, on the longest day of the year. Over and over and over...

I've never done any endurance stuff, ever. I always write it off as being a bit pointless - cycling's about enjoyment and racing's about racing, to me. I don't really feel there's any extra point-scoring to be had by 'distance', per se. Plus, of course, I can't be bothered to train for something like that. That's probably it, more succinctly.

But then I'm not really in a position to race the summer crits that I've enjoyed so much for the last decade or so, with my shoulder injury and impending second round of surgery and appointments. I need something different. And I saw this poster. It looked at me and I looked back. It's not a race, not even a sportive - just a series of pointless reps up England's longest continual gradient (or 'climb' as we call them).

What the hell.... I really should do something different - life's too short. And there's some parts of my inner self that I expect I have never met, and will meet in the early hours of Saturday on Cragg Vale.

I'm not setting any public target - I have read a lot about how to ride 24s but trained not one jot. This will be done on common sense pace, proper nutrition, and an over-reliance on chamois cream (at least there's no rain forecast).

If anyone local fancies coming along and lending some moral support to me riding a disappointingly sustainable pace, please do.

Live Updates

I'll try and tweet / instagram as much as is practical - and others can if they like - using the #dave24cragg hashtag I'm trying my best to solve battery-life strategies so I can Strava the whole lot - here's my profile - may have to weld the outputs of two devices together, and / or charge up during 20 min breaks.

  • Planet X new technical sponsor of Christina Watches pro team

20 June 2014


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