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Jess Learmonth Wins in Metz!

Jess Learmonth Wins in Metz!

This weekend, sponsored rider Jess Learmonth came back from injury to compete in the France Grand Prix in Metz. Here's the story from Jess herself:

After some thought I decided I would race this weekend at the French Grand Prix D2 race in Metz. I’ve been struggling with a soleus injury on and off since April but my decision to race was made easier when I knew the team were struggling for athletes. Some people may think I was mad to go and race so soon after an injury, having only started running two weeks ago. My thoughts were, it's only a sprint distance triathlon and I’d swim hard, bike hard and not go mad on the run. Simple!

Unfortunately it was only a short trip to France. Arriving Saturday afternoon then travelling from Paris to Metz meant we didn't arrive until gone 9pm. We went straight out for a meal with the team, built my bike up in the hotel corridor and then got to bed by 12.00.

The race didn't start until 10.30am Sunday morning. We got there early to ride the bike route and I'm glad we did as it was quite technical: 5 lap circuit for 20k!

Warming up in the lake wasn't so nice. Wading through cigarette butts, rubbish, and god knows what else, it wasn't very inviting! My first thought was about a can of coke when I finish! It was a non wetsuit swim and it was fairly cold lining up for the start but the lake was pretty warm.

My swim went well, there was a little bit of tug of war at the beginning but nothing major. I exited the water with a gap of around 40 seconds, but I think that time gap decreased slightly after a long run up to transition !

I decided to hammer it on the bike and try increase my lead. As the bike course was technical, I'd already decided that I didn’t want to be in a pack, although I did start to lap other athletes which was causing me a few problems. I managed to increase my lead from 40secs to around 2mins but I must have lost 10 or more seconds in T2 with a shocker transition! The 2 minute lead meant that I could ease it back on the run and go on to win, to my surprise!

Now to try cram some running training in before Geneva in July.

1 July 2014