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Susanne Buckenlei - now that I'm retired

My first blog after ending my career and it's not that easy to write. I can still not say for sure, if I like it [retirement] or not.

In that first moment it felt just right to step back from the races, focussed training, and all the things around my ambitions in racing. But that feeling did not rest that long. Still, I enjoy more time for my private life, for my company, for my athletes, for friends and alternative sports.

The more often I run and bike through the forest, the more often I find myself thinking. Thinking about how I'd ridden at the races I'd done in the last years. My heart is still sticking to the extreme races, such as Norseman Xtreme. Yet, since my thyroid is working and feeling more 'normal', I feel that I also have more fun running around much too fast, until my legs are screaming because they're simply not used to it. I did not have that push and feeling for many, many years and for this reason alone I return to thoughts that it might be a good idea to test out if I'm still capable of being competitive.

Photo: Julian Schiemann

The retirement from retirement? Hmmm... no, I´m not on that point yet, and may never be come to that.

However, what I found out is that I will never be able to be a fitness girl who just thinks about losing some kilos while biking and jogging around. There will always be this need to test, push and maybe sometimes hurt myself a little. No matter if it rains and snows.

There is still the same need to sweat and work myself out as before the retirement from triathlon. It still makes me feel good and happy and the only thing I can say right now is that I will, for sure, never stop moving.

15 September 2014

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