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Flavio Zappi Catch Up

Flavio Zappi Catch Up

This week Zappi Pro Cycling manager Flavio Zappi came to visit us at our head office in Sheffield. We caught up with him for a chat about our newly released RT-90 bike that his boys have been riding over on the continent.


James Vickers: So I just want to know a little about what’s going on this weekend and about the bike that you’re riding on this weekend.

Flavio Zappi: The bike that we are riding this weekend is the same bike we have been riding now for a couple of months in Italy and Portugal. It is a very good bike, very light, very responsive, good for climbing, good for after the corners, all rounder really. People say its no good for aerodynamics but I don’t think so because once you put deep section wheels on [it’s] perfect like any other aero bike.

James Vickers: What sort of races have you been doing?

Flavio Zappi: Mostly the nationals, UCI 1.2 under 23s, some of them are also with the elite. So up to 200km, fast 45km average, every course [possible] paved, cobbles, rough road down in Portugal you name it. It’s [the RT-90] been absolutely great I’m looking forward to testing this bike in the Rutland next week. 

James Vickers: So you’re riding the Rutland classic next weekend, I that this weekend coming? It is isn’t it?

Flavio Zappi: Yes this weekend coming. Yes we race the day before in Rome for the GP Liberazione, which is a circuit down town and then the next day we do the cycle classic in Rutland. Good long weekend.

James Vickers: Are you going to win?

Flavio Zappi: I hope so. People compare both races [to each other] so winning that [the GP Liberazione] one means that one of my boys will be definite pro next year.  I got 3rd in my time so its not easy [there are] 200 riders, 22 laps of 6km in the of the city centre of Rome, up and down, left and right, really fast. And then the Rutland, as you know, they call it the Paris Roubaix of England. A little bit lucky we need to be there because of like the Paris Roubaix [there] could be a lot of punctures but we came here, we’ve prepared ourselves with the right tyres and hopefully we can avoid the risk of punctures, that can help.

James Vickers: Right then, excellent thank you very much. 

Flavio Zappi: You’re welcome, ciao.

James Vickers: Ciao.


23 April 2015


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