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Highs and Lows Of The UCI Pro-Continental Circuit

Team IDEA have been working hard this season and April saw them take their first win of the season. It is a month that has been full of highs and lows; there have been 1st and podium places, good results against larger and much better funded teams. Ultimately however April 2015 will be remembered as a month tinged with sadness due to the passing of Cosimo Metta director of Materassi Somn, sponsor of the team and friend to many of the members of staff. Everyone at PlanetX sends well wishes to his family at this difficult time.

Here's the rundown of the results this month with a full length article on the Trofeo Edil (1.2)

Tour of Croatia (2.1) Stage 2, Davide Vigano 6th place, April 23rd, 2015

Tour of Croatia (2.1) 1st stage,- Marco Tizza takes the leader's jersey in general points,

... then Davide Viganò finishes 6th, April 22, 2015

Memorial Fumagalli (1.12) - Marco Tizza takes 2nd place against stiff competition, April 19, 2015

Giro della Provincia di Biella (1.12) - Marco Tizza takes 6th place April 12th, 2015

Trofeo Edil C (1.2) - 1st place for Francesco Reda, April 11, 2015

Francesco Reda built upon the fantastic team support he received early on in the race by putting in an epic solo effort to ride away from the pack to claim the win on Saturday at the Trofeo Edil C Collecchio. We knew he had the form and we knew given the right timing that he would claim another victory, today the gods were with him and lady luck on his side.

Victory has a funny way of helping to wash away all the previous disappointments, all the hurt, injuries and long painful hours in the saddle and we're especially happy to see Francesco back on winning form once again.

At the other end of the scale Alessandro Pettiti had a huge crash in the hills mid way down a steep decent, causing other riders to hit the ground. Though he was fortunate enough to walk away from the crash with only superficial wounds and hurt pride, his bike didn't fare so well, sliding into the steel guard rail support at 30mph and being sliced in half.

Francesco's victory was hard fought with the team rising again and again to break the will of the leading bunch with multiple attacks between the 60km and 80km makers. Filippo Ganna and the Austrian pairing of Michael Taferner and Benjamin Brakic fought bravely but were beaten by force of numbers and superior tactics.

With these other lead riders dropped the blue and orange train of Team IDEA was reduced to five riders after Alessandro's crash but they charged on headlong with the sole aim of dropping the other teams. The effort took its toll on the team with riders having to stand up and drop off, including Marco Tizza who had put in a huge effort on the front but ultimately succumbed to his seasonal pollen allergy. Even young Matteo Todaro eventually had to pull off the back.

As the 100th kilometre neared the boys readied themselves for the four consecutive laps of the challenging Poggio Segalara climb, 850m of climbing topping out at over 12%. It was here that Francesco Reda through down the gauntlet to the other strong riders in the group and tried for a break away. The flight was immediately covered by fellow Petilli and Postlberger and our own Garby and Spreafico.

Eventually the breakaway split the group and opened up a minute gap with two laps, 30km to go. Team Mg KVIS made a half hearted effort to pull the breakaway back but couldn't muster the horepower to draw them back. With the energy of the chasing group spent the lead group opened the gap up to a minute and half. As the last lap commenced Francesco tapped into his hurt locker and prepared for the last ascent of the Poggio Segalara.

Francesco had the final kilometres mapped out to perfection, each section and move planned out in advance. He stole his nerves, kept his head and rode alone from Scollinato to take the tape and the victory, not only for himself, but also for all the members of the team who laid down their support.

Though his two former breakaway companions tried to chase him down, neither could catch him and in the end Petilli was the only rider who remained in the chase. With his hands in the air and a comfortable buffer to the next rider behind him Francesco took the tape and the first win of the season for Team IDEA. May there be many more.  Here's the full race report in Italian from Team IDEA themselves.

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And you can join us as we follow their exploits daily as they warm up for the 2015 An Post Rás which is due to roll across the start line on the 17th May.

30 April 2015

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