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Team IDEA- International Trophy Arvedi

Not too far away from Milan, in Italy, you will find the historic town of Cremona, made famous by the Cremonese violin makers such as Amati and Stradivari who plied their trade in the area between the 1500 and 1800's. One the weekend of Sat/Sun 2/3rd of May it was made famous once again as the International Trophy Arvedi arrived in town once again to put 200 riders around 12 laps of the 15km Circuito del Porto.

With such a flat course and good weather conditions, it was always going to be a day for the sprinters, all they had to do was keep the bunch together and pull back any breakaways. Mariani and Pettiti kept to the front of the bunch throughout the race, policing the lead group and contributing to holding everything together for Team IDEA. With other strong riders, they had their work cut out; though during the day only one rider, Patrick Schultus from the Austrian Tyrol looked like he had the legs to stay away. With 90 seconds separating the lead rider from the bunch with 40km to go, it was time to start winding him back. With one lap of 15k remaining the bunch finally reeled him in and the fight began in earnest.

With a big bunch winding through the tight streets at speed, it was always likely that some riders would fall and four riders did just that, taking with them Matteo Malucelli's chances of winning. He made an amazing comeback after being held up around the crash and charged on back to the lead group.

After putting it all on the line to come back to the bunch he had little left in the tank but with 200m to go, sat in 10th place and about 15m back from the lead he put his head down and diverted all his anger through his pedals to claw his way back up to 3rd place over the line. That's a Herculean effort in any sprint, let alone one in which you have already lost position due to being slowed due to crashed riders.

What could have been if only?

11 May 2015

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