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Fran Bungay 70.3 Staffordshire Ironman

This was my third 70.3 distance this year, and I was hoping for 3rd time lucky, due to a 5min penalty at Aix, and damaging my bike at Rimini causing a fair delay! First of all, thank you to a very patient Wayne at Planet X for explaining how to set up a Yew derailleur, (my team Exocet bike wasn't playing ball as we had not got it quite right!) meaning that I had a slick fast bike ready for racing by Friday! 


There were about 2500 athletes lined up for the first 70.3 in Staffordshire, and it was a long wet Saturday, driving and queuing at the various transition sites. However it dried up, and despite the wind, was pretty good racing conditions come Sunday morning. Due to the nature of the swimming venue, there were a lot of wave starts, beginning at 7am and finishing at 8:30. The women 40 plus, (unfortunately, I am now in that age group) started 8:20. The swim was choppy, but really well marked out, and I was very pleased to be the first age grouper to exit transition, and always pleased to be on my bike. It was an undulating ride and even though long and grueling it was beautiful if you took the time to look up.


My team Exocet 2 (aka police bike) went to work on this course and my bike split was faster than 6 of the pros at the end, clearly illustrating that its a machine to be reckoned with, and the fastest by over 15 minutes in my age group. However, the run did not go so well, as I failed to get my nutrition right, and felt sick as a dog for the whole run, completing it on only a few sips of water. It was by no means a fast run, but it was enough to secure first in age group by 10 minutes, and a slot to the World Championships at the end of August! 


Next race Wimbleball in a few weeks, where there will be bigger hills to climb!


15 June 2015


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