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Unlocking a City With Two Wheels

Alberto Carolino recently came to our attention through his Instagram account. For the last two years he’s been riding the streets of London, on his customised Planet X Pro Carbon Track Bike, documenting his bike set against some of the city’s most interesting cultural sites that only someone inclined to ride across the city might find.


‘I've spent years trying to tell people about the beauty of London graffiti and how there's just so much of it and Instagram seemed like the best platform to prove it. I always try mentioning the artist in every picture and its meant that to date I've mentioned over 250 different artists and went to dozens of paint jams, graffiti festivals and charity graffiti fundraisers all from art on London walls.’




Cycling is a way of life for Alberto, having ridden BMX as a teenager, fixed gear riding in the busy streets of London seemed a natural transition, utilising his great bike handling skills and thrill-seeking desire. For him riding a stripped down fixed gear bike through heavy London traffic, although dangerous, is not just about, thrill seeking or fashionable cultural trends, but also about being in touch with mechanics of the bike and his body.


‘Stripping a bike down to its bare essentials gives you more control and that sounds weird, but acceleration, braking and gearing is all controlled with your legs and it’s a connection with the bike you don't get through coasting.’


More recently Alberto’s love for cycling and street art were combined when artist Endless, after seeing Alberto’s bike on Instagram, asked to customise his bike as the centrepiece of an upcoming exhibition. Alberto agreed and now as he cycles the through London in search of new artworks to document, his Planet X Pro Carbon Track Bike is equally a work of art itself.


17 June 2015

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