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Beaumont Trophy, Stamfordham, Northumbria (UCI 1.2)

On Sunday 21st of June, Zappi's Racing Team took part in the UCI 1.2 Beaumont Trophy in Stamfordham near Newcastle. Some of the boys knew the course from last year but the conditions couldn't have been more different by comparison with blustery showers punctuating this year’s event instead of the high summer conditions experienced last year.


The racing was tough from the start, and the course, a 117-mile race that took in two small laps followed by four large circuits that resembled a square meant that three-quarters of each lap was spent fighting a cross-wind or a headwind. To add to the challenge, the parcours with the tailwind took the team along the tortuous double ramped climb of the Ryals!


The racing started fast with many riders trying their hand at infiltrating the break, but only a few succeeded. The Zappi boys were up near the front relishing a return to the style of racing we had grown up with, though it could be said we were lacking a bit of that British racing sharpness as we all certainly felt the tough conditions of this windy affair!


Eventually a group of four managed to strike off the front and survived for the first climb up the Ryals. As the second ascent approached the field was lined out in the gutter with the breakaway in sight. Almost immediately groups started to try and jump the gap and before we knew what happened a group of 15 formed up the road. This group stayed away throughout the remaining laps as it contained the cream of the British racing circuit.


Other groups tried to bridge across as echelons formed at every moment meaning the field couldn't relax for a second, including one that contained Callum Ferguson. As the bell went for the final lap the gap was 50 seconds from the break to Callum's group. They mounted a fierce chase, but the break would prevail by only a minute at the line, with Chris Latham (Great Britain National Team) taking the sprint from Tom Stewart (Madison Genesis) and Yanto Barker (One Pro Cycling). When the dust had settled our Callum placed 24th, an amazing performance considering he has only recently returned to racing after having broke his collarbone seven weeks ago! Owen James and James Locker arrived in the group after Callum's to take 61st and 63rd respectively. Only 70 riders finished from the starting field of 130 - the race certainly was a tough day out for everyone, including the Zappi boys who raced it. Regardless of the result it was as an ideal tune up for the Nationals in Lincoln next weekend.

Photos by Craig Fletcher 

23 June 2015


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