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Fran Bungay Wins 70:3 European Championships Wiesbaden

A week after Alpe D Huez short course, I ventured over to Germany with the family, to see how I could do in the hilly Wiesbaden 70.3, hoping all that mountain training on the bike would pay off! 
I was disappointed that the swim start was a rolling start, making the race into a Timetrial, rather than sending the females off in their own wave. The result was a terrible swim in terms of being hit, dunked, swum over, and grabbed at the ankles. It was carnage, and I was very pleased to get out on the bike and put it behind me.
The ride was beautiful, and very hilly, sure there is more up than down, but I was on a mission to beat my bike split from last year, and was pleased to get to transition 10 minutes quicker. 
As for the run, it was going well until half way around lap 3, when I fell on a manhole cover, twisting my ankle (same one I tore the ligaments last year) and have a suspicion I have torn them again.  However with only one and a half laps to go, I was not going to stop, and actually after about 50m of limping, it didnt seem so bad! Result was I lost some time on the run, however, still came in first by 6 minutes, having the fastest bike and run split in my age group. 
My bigger concern now is my ankle, as the World Championships are under 3 weeks away.  Seeing my physio this week, so fingers crossed I will be able to get back to running sooner rather than later!

10 August 2015

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