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Jenny Latham's New Years Resolutions!

Season planning and New Years Day TT on the London Road

Trying to find motivation to train is so much easier when you have a race plan. I am currently at this stage. My motivation was great, then a few busy weeks left me wondering, ‘why am I doing this?’ – the appeal of going out in the cold and wet or sitting on the turbo had lost a little sparkle, but I knew it had to be done so I got on with it anyway.

Christmas has come and gone and now it’s 2016. I need to enter some races, but which? I had a plan but then things changed and now I’m unsure. Like many others, I’m now hunting the internet for races to enter - new, fast races, with a high level of competition that don’t require a bank loan to enter. Ideally, I want fun races which my Tri friends will be at for a bit of social support. Do I enter a duathlon? Or have I learned from last year that a swim works better before the bike than a run? So much to consider.

My racing year always starts with the cycling club’s New Year Day 5 mile TT. This used to be a fun event on winter bikes, but in recent years more TT bikes have shown up to the starting line. On the day, I set off from home wearing as much kit as I could fit into, in the freezing cold on my Planet X London Road bike (sporting full winter mudguards and lights) and made it to the start line with a number on my back. My main aim of the race was not to be caught by my 1-minute-man, who was clad in full skinsuit and riding a disc wheeled TT bike! Thankfully, I achieved my goal. This reminded me how much I love racing and has given me the push to get entering races. I also learned that I love my winter bike – Ok, it may be a bit slower, partly to do with the engine sat on it and partly due to the full proper mudguards fitted (for a dryer bottom), but the London Road is fundamentally a great bike with great brakes, a real comfort when it comes to winter riding in Yorkshire. So now it’s all ‘winter miles = summer smiles!’

11 January 2016

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