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My Life With OCD (Obsessive Cycling Disorder)

It’s about 07:00 on a Tuesday morning, I am sat in my home office and I have a heap of work to trawl through but I get that all too familiar feeling… It’s an urge, one I cannot explain. It’s like a yearning, a lack of fulfillment, it’s in the bones and it just won’t go away.

I start an internal fight between what I know I should do today… and what I want to do today. On one hand, I should stay focused, we have a load of new bikes to launch, lots of stories to write, partners to talk to, sponsored riders to sort bikes for, products to review. On the other hand, it’s Tuesday and Tuesday means one thing – It’s chain gang day! I could do chain gang today. After all, it’s only two hours, I could work late to make it up…?

"Tuesday Means One Thing – It’s Chain gang Day"

The local chain gang to me is the infamous Rotherham Chain gang, or the weekly regional championships as it’s otherwise known; I have ridden the Saturday run a few times but not Tuesdays so I am curious and my mind wanders – What if it’s different, what if it’s faster, what if it’s slower, what if it’s something I don’t even know about?!

I drink tea (herbal) and carry on working, I try and stay involved and focused on what I am doing, I write emails, I open spreadsheets, I start a press release all in a bid to avoid the inevitable. I tell myself again - today is chain gang day.

I know I need to be in my kit by 10:30 so I ignore the clock… The feeling just won’t go away though and without knowing it I am dressed, my helmet is on and my bottle is filled. I have lost my internal battle and I roll down the road feeling both pleased with myself and ashamed at the same time.

I am not going to break the ride down. This kind of ride is the only opportunity I really get to ride with the pro’s, Russ Downing, Dean Downing, Tom Stewart, Connor Swift… And so on.

What I will say though is it was fast and as I have just come back from 10 days off the bike… It hurt. It didn’t just hurt a bit - it hurt a SH1T load.

So - The moral of the story is a solid and full of wisdom. Skip work for something that doesn’t hurt, unless you’re a cyclist. If you’re a cyclist, skip work to let a group of fitter athletes tear your legs off.

That's what some of us seem to live for.

26 July 2016

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