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Where are they now - Ryan Mullen

Over the last 25 years, Dave Loughran has selected and sponsored some of the finest triathletes and bike riders through Planet X Bikes. In our "Where Are They Now Series" We celebrate this success with a series of interviews with sponsored athletes from days gone by. To kick us off we caught up with Ryan Mullen who we sponsored in 2011
Ryan Mullen
PX - Where are you now? 
RM - Well, right now I’m in a hotel room in Czech Republic watching the Men’s Olympic TT. I’m over here for a 4 day race that start tomorrow with a TTT so looking forward to that.
PX - We started sponsoring you when you were a just school boy racer, since then you have gone on to have some incredible success and have ridden all over world… From all your experience what was the best Planet X Time Trial bike you ever rode… 
RM - The best TT bike I rode from Planet X had to be the Exocet 2. It fitted me like a glove and I managed to break numerous records and win 4 or 5 national titles on it. It came with me to every major championship I rode as a junior. I managed to finish 2nd on this bike in the European TT champs in 2012. 
PX - No – in all seriousness though, where have you most enjoyed riding your bike? 
RM - I think the best place I’ve ever ride a bike has to be Gran Canarias. The climate is almost perfect, the only downside is the 2000m of climbing you have to do every day to go anywhere. Other than that I love riding at home in North Wales. If the weather was better, I wouldn’t ride anywhere else in the world. Sadly it’s wetter than the ocean 365 days of the year! 
PX - You came through the ranks as a junior so you know first-hand how hard it is to get a ‘pro ride’! Do great riders get left behind because their face doesn’t fit or they miss out on the BC track programme? How important do you think the grass roots support of youngsters is? 
RM - To be honest, there’s a lot of ways you can make it to pro level in my opinion. I never once entered the British cycling set up and I think people are very foolish when they believe that’s the only way to make it. No one ever gets ‘left behind’. You either have the mind-set or you don’t. People who think they have been ‘left behind’ are in the wrong mind-set and pessimistic and shouldn’t become pro anyway. 
PX - From an outsiders perspective, it’s easy to presume that finding a team is all based on athletic ability but recent controversy with BC suggest otherwise as some real talent has been missing the federation bus. Is there any advice (apart from riding Planet X bikes) that you can give 16 – 23 year olds wanting to progress. 
RM - Obviously I can’t comment on the whole British Cycling thing as I’m not a part of it. In terms of advice for youngsters, the only thing I can suggest is; find your strengths, and make them stronger. I’m not great at much other than I can knock out a good TT and have a few track medals under my belt. So as long as you have something you’re good at, better than most, then you have something team’s want. 
PX - Living the life and touring the world must give you some real time to binge watch Netflix – What mini-series do you recommend right now?! 
RM - I’m not a huge series watcher, I prefer movies. But I have just began to watch ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. It’s my kind of humour and I’m a big Charlie Day fan. Braking bad was amazing. But I think I was probably the last person on the planet to jump on that band wagon. 
PX - What does the rest of the season look like? 
RM - Well, the season for me has only just really started to get going. I have about 25(!) more races days coming up before the end of the year. I’m really looking forward to getting the longer stage races in again. I have the Tour of Britain and the Eneco Tour to do, so they’ll hopefully be a good place for me to try and rob a respectable TT result somewhere. All year long I’ve been doing prologues, which I’m not bad at, but prefer anything over 10km. 
Ryan Mullen
Now it’s Quick Fire Time 
PX - Favourite Pre Ride Food? 
RM - Avocado and eggs 
PX - How many bikes do you own? 
RM - Not enough. 
PX - Most memorable ride? 
RM - 2nd in the Ponferrda World TT champs 
PX - Favourite post ride food? 
RM - Something sweet 
PX - Belgium or French (Beer) 
RM - Belgium. Just because I hate France. Regardless if they even had a nice beer I wouldn’t drink it.

10 August 2016

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