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From Party Boy To Ironman

Matt Pritchard was made famous, or infamous depending on your viewpoint, by the time he spent as part of Dirty Sanchez. For those of you who don't know Dirty Sanchez was a nineties T.V programme and film that covered the antics, stunts and lives of four lads, from the Valleys. Dainton, Pancho, Joyce and Pritch were Wales's answer to America's Jackass, but with a rawer edge and a real sense that it could go seriously wrong at any time. One review of the show opined that "They make Jackass look like the Royal Shakespeare Company", which depending on your viewpoint is high praise indeed. For late night, post-pub watching it was a must, essential viewing.

After 7 series on T.V Dirty Sanchez ran its course Matt kept himself busy with side projects and business opportunities. He became a regular on the Gumball Rally; his antics and partying earning him coverage in the tabloid gossip columns and celebrity sections. Appearances on other T.V shows beckoned and he started to put his celebrity to good use mixing his loved of skateboarding with a desire to do work for charity. After the Cardiff to Newquay skate challenge, new challenges came up. 2007 saw Matt complete his first half marathon; followed by a full marathon the next year. By 2009 he was putting his celebrity to good use and completed 900 miles of running with friend Matthew Ryan and raised thousands of pounds for cerebral palsy patient Elodie Wilton.

By now Matt was bitten by the bug. Running, swimming and cycling started to become a way of life for the Welsh Wildman. He became a vegetarian, eventually upgrading to becoming Vegan. He quit smoking and found a new relationship with alcohol. Though by his own admission he still loves a drink, just less often than he used to. In 2016 he completed an incredible 30-day world record breaking Ironman challenge by completing 30 half Ironmans on 30 consecutive days.

He might have traded in the late nights on the beer for early mornings in the pool but make no mistake about it, pain and suffering are still as big a part of Pritch's daily routine as they were during Dirty Sanchez days. So naturally, given Matt's wildman background and love for ultra endurance sports when we heard that he was looking for a bike sponsor Planet X were keen to get on board. Matt's 'Sleep When You're Dead' motto lines up nicely with Planet X founder Dave Loughran's views on business- "it's not going to sell itself".

exo3 sleep when you're dead

Matt worked with Planet X Design Team to come up with a unique graphics concept that embodies Matt's approach to life and training. Like Matt's heavily tattooed skin, the frames of his new limited edition Welsh Dragon EC-130E Aero Road Bike and EXO3 TT and Triathlon bikes are the canvas for his ideas. Referencing his 'Sleep When You're Dead' motto, 'Carnage' catchphrase and heraldic iconography of Matt's proud Welsh heritage, they are as unique as Matt himself.

Today's the day. With Matt's new frames finally, in stock, we invited him down for a double Retul bike fit. All the years of abuse and wear and tear have taken their toll on Matt's body. He's not as flexible as he might be for someone as fit as he is and he has a spinal curvature that means he's never going to win prizes for aero efficiency, but even so Planet X's senior Retul fitter James Garner was confident of finding the very best position for him on both of his new bikes.

exo3 retul fit matt pritchard

Matt's wasting no time, he's already eyeing up his next mega challenge and is looking into scheduling a new endurance event in October. We know what he has planned but are sworn to secrecy. We wish him luck. To keep up to date with Matt's events we recommend that you become a regular on his blog and his Twitter feed. He has some seriously good Vegan recipes on his Twitter feed!

Until Midnight Monday 19th June get 20% off our Limited Edition Sleep when you're dead Exo3 and Ec-130e Bikes and British Lion and Welsh Dragon Exo3 and Ec-130E frames when you use checkout code PRSWYD


15 June 2017

Sleep When Youre Dead


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