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The return of Holdsworth Racing in 2018

It looks like we are finally getting our act together and returning to the UK race scene.  It’s been quite a break since the glory days of our optimum performance racing team and the provision team that was dominant in the late 90s and early 2000s.   
The likes of Paul Curran, Wayne Randle, Mark Lovatt, John Tanner, Ray Eden, Ian Stannard, Adam Blythe, Ryan Mullen, Rob Harris and many others raced for us over those years. The Holdsworth team was, of course, the iconic and instantly recognisable pro team of the 1970s and dominated UK cycling for that decade in their orange and blue.  

Holdsworth Racing - An Icon of British road racing from the 70's
Anyway to cut a long story short we have risen from our slumber, and it’s a definite for 2018 that we are back in the game and you'll be seeing the famous Holdsworth jersey back on the UK race scene.
The team will be led by one of the countries most established and recognisable riders who is joining to lead the team, he can't be named at the moment but when asked if it was true was quoted as saying "correctamundo, feels so right it can't be wrong"
We think it’s going to be happy days in 2018.

13 October 2017

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