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At ON-ONE we believe in making our own decisions. Carving our own path.

We've been making some of the best mountain bikes for twenty years. Every bike, designed with the rider in mind.

Steel 29er hardcore hardtails, ready to smash the sketchy downhill section on your favourite trail.
Singletrack slaying, carbon fibre XC weapons, primed for fast and far cross-country blasts.
Bombproof, rigid fork, bikepacking bikes, set to take you on that epic adventure you've been planning forever.

Being brave enough to be different is what keeps us all riding bikes that we love.

Join us. Because different is good.

ON-ONE Mountain Bikes About Us

ON-ONE Mountain bikes was born out of wanting something that wasn't available.

We were sick of riding badly designed cheap bikes, or expensive bikes that looked the part but didnt actually work.
We wanted bikes that ticked all our boxes, bikes that weren't one size fits all, conventional, cookie-cutter, 'cardboard' bikes.

So we broke the mold, cast aside the conventional and unleashed the creative beast!
This forward thinking has resulted in a growing range of versatile mountain bikes, well ahead of their time, designed with riders in the driving seat.

We've been working this way from the begining and we aren't stopping any time soon.

We're ON-ONE.

ON-ONE Heritage

Enter the ON-ONE Inbred.

Steel framed and single speed. The Inbred arrived at a time when everyone else was making mountain bike frames from alloy.
It had a long top tube and a short stem, long before mountain bike manufacters realised it was the bomb.
29 inch wheels. Yeah, we went there.

This was the turn of the century and our renegade, pioneering attitude continued to grow.

Along came the ON-ONE 456, one of the first bikes to have a slacker than 70 degree head tube to give the rider extra confidence behind the handlebars.
Pair this with the huge amounts of mud room out back to allow for bigger tyres and you can see our ethos has been the same from the begining.

Thoughtfully designed mountain bikes made for getting out there and really giving it some! We’ve been doing this for decades because we stand by our riders and see them right.

ON-ONE Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing, but only if you know how to make it work for you.
We don't just make our bikes using the latest technology, we make them capable of using the latest technology too.
A good shaped bike is a good shaped bike, regardless of how much it costs and designing great riding bikes is about taking care and not being lazy.
Underneath the 'rough and tumble' exterior of an ON-ONE mountain bike, lies really thought out, smart details and features that allow you to get out on totally awesome rides.

Bolt through axles for security and replaceable gear hangers for when you bend yours. Boost spacing and forged and machined chainstay sections for masses of mud room. Curved and plated back ends for smoothing out the trail whilst adding to the bombproof strength.

Its not just about h
and welded triple butted steel either, we also work with one of the best carbon factories in the world, helping them refine their processes in return for getting the best performing pieces ourselves.

ON-ONE bike frames are kitted out well too. We're clever when selecting components. Picking the right gear rather than just grabbing what fits.
Everything you need and none of the excess fluff.

ON-ONE Customer reviews

We create mountain bikes so you can LOVE riding them. Our testimonials and customer feedback says you do. Success!

This bike is amazing, It climbs like a mountain goat and goes down hill like its on rails, I would highly recomend this to anyone, I bought dark raw gloss and it looks even nicer in real life.

This bike is a joy to ride. Despite being heavier than my 26" Inbred it climbs and cruises quicker as well as being far more stable on technical descents. Very clever geometry and quality components for the price make this happen. Superb!

Geoff P - ON-ONE Big Dog SRAM SX Mountain bike

Perfect geometry and weight. Murder machine! Totally reccomend.

ON-ONE view the mountain bike range

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