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Titus High Performance Titanium Bikes

Designed for Adventure
High performance, superior quality, titanium bikes, designed for adventure, wherever that may be.
Ride as long as you want, where you want, on bikes that are as beautiful as they are dependable.
Setting off on routes long forgotten by time. Manouvering through ancient pristene forests or overcoming rugged, untamed mountainsides. 
Your adventure is unique to you.
A Titus bike takes you there.

Titus Dependable Titanium Bike Frames

Dependable Frames
Our decision to make our bikes with titanium frames is one reached by years of riding and careful reflection.
Titanium is incredibly tough. It’s natural resistance to corrosion and it’s strength-to-density ratio, are the highest of any metallic element.
Using titanium results in a bike that performs for you, whatever the unforgiving environment or extraordinary feat you put it through.

Titus Refined Titanium bicyle frames

Refined Construction

There is no doubting that a raw titanium frame is a thing of beauty.
It’s elegant charm contradicts the unyeilding strength housed in every Titus bike and we’re proud of the craftsmanship that goes into everyone of our frames.
We want you to be able to see what makes your Titus Titanium Bike so special and to cover this up would truly be sacriledge.
This is why all Titus bike frames are left in their magnificent raw titanium finish.

Titus Ultimate Riding Experience

Ultimate Riding Experience

Elegance and strength are only complemented by the fantastic ride quality of our bikes. The geometry of each Titus titanium bike frame goes through extensive research and development.
This produces bikes that, when combined with the springy compliance of titanium, produces long-ride comfort with just right balance of rigidity and forgiveness.

A perfect example of elegance and the performance combined to form a vehicle of adventure.

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