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Bike builder

Buying a bike from Planet X is unlike most other bike shops. Every bike we sell, whether it be a road, mountain, gravel, or urban/commuter bike, can be customised to suit your needs - so if you need a longer stem or wider handlebars, or if you want to change the gear ratios, we'll be happy to do that for you.

Where other companies are happy to sell standard builds of bikes pre-built by robots in some anonymous factory, we're proud to offer a custom service. We know that getting our hands on the bike and doing it the old fashion way guarantees quality. We think this is the best way to ensure you get the right bike for you, and you can be sure that the bike has been fully built and checked by an expert.

From box to bike

Once your order is placed online, your custom bike is hand-built by Cytech trained technicians in our Sheffield (UK) workshop. Your bike is fully built, checked and signed off before being dispatched in a custom-made bike box. We keep you informed every step of the way.

Ready to build your custom bike?


bike being built to order

What types of bikes can I build?

We have a huge range of fully customisable bikes available. Our most popular custom builds are road, MTB and gravel bikes, but we also build performance racing and track bikes through to urban/commuters.


Custom road bikes

From full-on high-performance road racing bikes through to long-distance touring and sportive bikes, we have a road bike for you that will fit the bill. Carbon, steel, aluminium or titanium. The choice is yours.



Custom mountain bikes

Aimed at providing comfort and control over a variety of different routes, our mountain bikes are aimed at riding trails on the rougher side of the spectrum. We offer wide hardtail frames, tyres, suspension forks and wide range gearing, giving the rider the support and confidence to ride faster and further on technical terrain.



Custom gravel bikes

Providing a more relaxed style of geometry and wider tyres than a road bike, gravel bikes enable the rider to ride off-road in comfort and control while still being fast for road use. They’re also built stronger to withstand the impacts of riding off-road trails and use less gears for added simplicity.



How does this bike configurator work?

Our easy to use bike configurator is designed to help you build and customise the perfect bike for you and your riding style. Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. Set your bike type: The most important step is to figure out where you want to ride your bike. Will you be riding it on the road only? Are you looking for something for the mountains or off-road? Would you like something a bit more versatile so you can ride it both on the road and on gravel/light off-road terrain? Are you just looking for something to cruise around town or commute to work? This will help narrow down the right bike to suit your riding style.
  2. 2. Select your frame: Based on your budget and riding style, this is where you’ll narrow down your choice of material. Are you looking for something high-end with light-weight carbon fibre? Do you need something solid to withstand a good off-road thrashing like a rigid steel or titanium frame?
  3. 3. Pick a size and colour: Choosing the right size bike to fit you is incredibly important for your comfort and even to prevent injuries over the long-term. Each bike has different specs and measurements, so be sure to click the Size Guide on each bike to see if it measures up. Once you’ve found a fit, pick your paint job.
  4. 4. Choose your components: This is where the true customisations really come to life. Select everything from your groupset from your favourite brands like Shimano and SRAM, through to your ideal saddle, wheels, and even some cool tassels to hang off your handlebars (ok, that last one might be a joke!).
  5. 5. Review and pay: Once you’re happy with everything, check out and pay with a load of options including Credit Card, PayPal, Buy Now Pay Later or Finance options, CycleScheme and more. Once our team has checked it all over, we’ll send your brand new, shiny, fully-built bike to your door.


What happens next?

Remember that your bike will be built to order, which is a good thing. It does mean that we won't ship your bike immediately, but we know from our long experience that it will be worth the little extra wait. We will keep you informed every step of the way so you know when your new bike being built.

  • We contact you once your bike is planned into our build schedule. At this point we will give you a bike build (birth!) date.
  • Your bike is built in its entirety by an experienced technician.
  • We contact you to confirm that the bike will be shipped or is ready for pickup.
  • Your bike is shipped via our trusted international courier service.
  • Aftercare starts - we like to contact customers a short while after their bike has been delivered to ensure everything is well.

I have a question about your bikes?

Can I fit 650b wheels on my 700c bike?

If a bike has been designed for taking 650b and 700c wheels then we will mention it explicitly in the product content. If you don’t see it mentioned that means the bike was not intended for 650b wheels and we didn’t try it.

Ahah, but will they fit?

If you have the correct axle type, the correct hub spacing, the correct brake type and a rim that is the same thickness as the 700c wheel it replaces then yes, technically it will fit. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t handle like a bag of spanners and that you’ll not be scraping your chainrings over every spec of dust that you ride over because your BB is now too low, and your geometry is all messed up.

Can I upgrade my bike using components not on the customise list?

Bikes can only be upgraded with parts from the customise list for that bike. However, there is usually a good selection of parts and upgrades to choose from.

I've chipped my frame. Do you sell touch-up paint?

Unfortunately, we don't currently sell touch-up paint for our frames and we cannot supply RAL codes for the paint colours we use because our suppliers use a different system. The best thing to do is to take a sample of the paint to a local paint supplier and ask them to mix the colour.

I already have a set of wheels, can you build a bike for me without wheels?

Unfortunately, we are unable to build bikes without wheels. For safety reasons, all our bikes must be set up as ready to ride by our trained mechanics