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Holdsworth la Quelda Gents Readers' Rides

Submit your bike Planet X riders have taken the art of bike building to the next level. Browse or join our gallery and let your voice be heard.


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Reg bike photo

Rob Wood, 50


Reg bike photo 2

Holdsworth Bitsa

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Holdsworth Bitsa bike photo

Kevin Dennett, 41


Holdsworth Bitsa bike photo 2 Holdsworth Bitsa bike photo 3 Holdsworth Bitsa bike photo 4


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Holdsworth bike photo

Chris Morris

Holdsworth bike photo 2 Holdsworth bike photo 3


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Bill bike photo

John Conning, 37

Argyll, Scotland

Fixed Gear

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Fixed Gear bike photo

Steve Smith

Fixed Gear bike photo 2

The Holdsworth!

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The Holdsworth! bike photo

Russ Mellor

Isle Of Wight

The Pumpkin

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The Pumpkin bike photo

Jens S.

The Pumpkin bike photo 2