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SL Pro Carbon Road Readers' Rides

Submit your bike Planet X riders have taken the art of bike building to the next level. Browse or join our gallery and let your voice be heard.

Victoria's Steed

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Victoria's Steed bike photo

David Sherrington


Victoria's Steed bike photo 2 Victoria's Steed bike photo 3

My Road Bike

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My Road Bike bike photo

David Adams

My Road Bike bike photo 2

Dream Machine Planet X Pro Carbon

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Dream Machine Planet X Pro Carbon bike photo

Tina Brown, 45


The Blue Machine

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The Blue Machine  bike photo

Nik James, 15


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Paula bike photo

Steven Green, 39


Paula bike photo 2

Uber Cruiser

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Uber Cruiser bike photo

Mark Gredzinski

West Midlands

Dream Machine

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Dream Machine bike photo

Stephen Lyon, 41

The Underdog Bullet

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The Underdog Bullet bike photo

Jason Rincon, 34



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Zacspeed bike photo

Dave Bloom, 45


Zacspeed bike photo 2 Zacspeed bike photo 3 Zacspeed bike photo 4

Carbon Pro

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Carbon Pro bike photo

Nick Waldron, 34

Burton On Trent


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Blackbueauty bike photo

Antony McMullon, 52


Blackbueauty bike photo 2 Blackbueauty bike photo 3

Planet X

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Planet X bike photo

Stan Tollerton, 64


Gamla Bettan

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Gamla Bettan  bike photo

Jason Rincon, 28


The Machine

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The Machine bike photo

Daniel, 21


The Machine bike photo 2

Pocket Rocket

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Pocket Rocket bike photo

Ant, 45


Pocket Rocket bike photo 2

Pro Carbon

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Pro Carbon bike photo

Patrick Bapty, 20


Pro Carbon

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Pro Carbon bike photo

Mikkel, 35

Red One

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Red One bike photo

Christopher Smith, 47


Red One bike photo 2

Pro Carbon Sl

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Pro Carbon Sl  bike photo

Ian Williams, 38



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Blue bike photo

Paul Gartland, 58

Darlington, County Durham

Blue bike photo 2

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