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Is It Wrong To Love Your Uncle John?

Only just got the bike as my winter ride so this is very much a first impressions view but:1. The ride is much more cosseting than my old Alu / Carbon Fork bike and not that far short of my Ti 'best bike'.2. Ultegra is 'hot knife through butter' smooth.3. Brakes don't bite as well as Chorus twin pivot calipers (will try different blocks).4. PLANET X service is ACE.Adendum: Swiss Stop Green pads work a treat & I still love the bike.

Is It Wrong To Love Your Uncle John?


  • Ian Leah, 54
  • Hobbies:
    Bikes / Motor Bikes
  • Location:
    Aldershot, Hants,
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
  • Model:
    Uncle John


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