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April Fool

Bought in the great 2009 April Fool sale, it was an appropriate day as this novice roadie entered the Marmotte on the same day, figuring it would be a laugh... I had always held the view that road cycling was for wooses, and mountain biking is where it's at. Duh! 3 months, and much training, agony and realisation later, the bike didnt let me down, it got me over the finish line. The bike is a great climber, great descender and soaks up everything you can throw at it. If only the same could be said for it's rider...

April Fool


  • Menno, 38
  • Model:
    Ti Pro


  • chez M.gertrudesJ

    was there too

  • chez M.gertrudesJ

    was there to

  • jorge costa

    was there done that......

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