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Arty 58

Supersedes the RT57, all hail the New RT58. With almost subliminal branding, this bike is so stealth that folks can barely see that you're on a bike! Great bike for all-day riding. The chainstays are a little longer than the 57 which means more comfort and greater tyre size choice altho' it may flex a little in a 110% flat-out sprint but, hey!, who does that sort of thing at the end of a long cyclosportive when all you want to do is crawl across the line, just in-front of your mates, before finding a corner in which to curl up & die?On the ascents, it's a dream to ride with the combination of the compact chainset and light-weight frame (complete bike 6.8kg on this XL example with Planet X Carbon 50's) making climbing a joy while on the descents, the SRAM Red brakes and positive tracking inspire confidence into the corners.

Arty 58


  • Paul Donnelly
  • Hobbies:
    Not knowing better
  • Location:
  • Job:
    Cycling around the Pyrnes
  • Model:
    RT-58 Carbon


  • Paul

    Depends if you're buying frame, frame & fork or complete bike. Frame & fork or complete bike have integrated headset included

  • RogerH

    Seriously looking at one of these. Does the headset come with it? (Integrated?)

  • PaulD

    No worries. Brants idea for this frame is to have a long head tube & lower bottom bracket to give the bike a more relaxed geometry & a more comfortable ride for long hours in the saddle. Still seems to handle v. well on the descents around us tho.

  • DarioM

    Thanks for your reply Paul, just placed an order for two of these for my younger brothers and was trying to better understand the geometry of this bike. The massive headtube on yours got me confused initially.

  • PaulD

    It's the 4th photo under 'Arty 57'

  • PaulD

    Hi Dario, it's an XL or 58cm toptube with 19cm headtube. You can compare it with the RT57 in Readers Rides. I'm 188cm or 6'1" in old money.

  • Dario

    What size is that frame?

  • PaulD

    Now your just being silly. Everyone knows that blue travels faster than red, or pink in this case.

  • Kat

    Do you do it in pink, and would that make it go faster than blue?

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