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Van Nicholas PlanetX

It's light, stiff, nimble and very comfy. Most importantly, it looks pretty old school, yet, modern. Definately way better than any carbon bike I've ever owned. Good stuff Van Nicholas and Planet X

Van Nicholas PlanetX


  • Billy Baralah
  • Model:
    Ti Pro


  • Rod

    By the way Stuart, its a Large frame, stamped 54 on the BB. This equates to a 560mm Top tube and 540mm Seat tube.

  • Rod

    I bought this bike from Billy in June 2012 and after having it shipped from Sydney to Adelaide have clocked up over 7000km on it. Apart from new seat (Toupe 143), Ti cages and a rear cassette change, it still looks good as new and is a great bike to ride. Can't understand with the price of Ti bikes coming down why more people don't get into them. Cheers, Rod.

  • stuart harris

    smart looking bike !! what size is that frame ?

  • jamieb

    very smart

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