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SL Pro Carbon Road

An SL Pro Carbon Road in Lanzarote is heaven, unlike a review I once read, I flew down hills with occasional crosswinds hitting from boths sides, reaching 70km no problem, in fact I had my fingers on the brakes to slow me down as I currently have a broken left collarbone and have been lacking in confidence since my accident, this bike has given me the confidence back. I know they exist but I cannot imagine that there is a better bike out there!!

SL Pro Carbon Road


  • Neil Goosey, 49
  • Hobbies:
  • Location:
    St. Albans,
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
    Graphic Designer
  • Model:
    SL Pro Carbon Road


  • ronniem

    Nice comments Neil, not same old cliche rubbish. Thanks


    Great too see another PX near to me in hatfield

  • craigg

    Neil email me at [email protected] . Hope the shoulder is holding up

  • NeilG

    Hey Gwillis, can't find you on Bike Radar?

  • gwillis

    Neil, nice bike and next time make sure you get all the way up that hill near Playa Blanca. Gwillis

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