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Uncle John

Versatile and reliable. Built up from scratch with "leftovers" when on paternity leave with our first daughter. After that the componentry has improved over time when I got hold of nicer wheelsets, cranks etc. Used as a roadbike when living in East Africa but nowadays as an everyday commuting bike. Last year it did more than 3500 km ;) First photo is just after completing Cape Argus in Cape Town. Second a typical commuting morning in winter-time and third when I was on my way home after a three-day course - 45 km with strong headwind lay ahead of me but just below zero centigrades so it wasn't too bad. Two days earlier I was suffering since it was much colder - down to -20 centigrades which was definitely pushing my limits (at least of my toes ...). Fourth photo is pretty typical - 5 days/week year round I tow a trailer with the kids and the last photo shows a nice winter-day;)

Uncle John


  • Perry Elisson, 46
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    Telecom industry
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    Uncle John


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