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It's sheer beauty and speed



  • Alan Jones, 62
  • Hobbies:
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
  • Model:
    Stealth Pro 650 TT


  • adelem

    What size is that chaindisc?!

  • IanC (Planet X Team)

    Hi Alan (Hawkeye) - I missed that. He was going too fast and was just a blur! ;-)

  • Alan Jones

    It was great to see Owain Doull riding a Planet-X Stealth in the World Championship under 23's Time Trial

  • John

    Hi Alan like the pink forks-my bike Frankenstealth has pink forks on a blue frame-I thought it would be a one off!

  • Alan Jones

    Hi Rod it's just a bog standard HED debadged.

  • Rod

    Hi Alan What brand of rear disc are you running on your bike.

  • Alan Jones

    Cheers Simon, She probably is very fast. Shame I'm not. Much more responsive than my previous bike was though.

  • simon

    nice bike mate ,bet she is very fast cheers Simon

  • AlanJ

    Hi Patrick I got it from here via this website,

  • Patrick

    Where did you get the white frame with the pink graphics?

  • Alan Jones

    This is by far the best value for money frame-set that I have ever bought and the nicest I have ever built, and now that it is complete I just cannot wait for next season to start so that I can give it it's first outing.

  • cliff beldon

    class bike unbeatible.

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