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In Open TT races I normally used to finish well outside the top 20. Thanks to the Superfast Exocet I now finish in the top 10... which is nice!



  • Hugo Hocknell
  • Hobbies:
    Yo mamma
  • Location:
    Hemmy Grey, UK ,
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
    International Playboy
  • Model:


  • Evergreen80

    Very interesting. Thanks for the feedback. What about the lawn then? It's nigh on immaculate. Don't you have a dog in your life? Tell me ... are you a hover, rotary or cylinder man?

  • Le Hock

    Percy Thrower's Picture Book Of Gardening gave me some great borders ideas. In the end Madingley Mulch supplied bark chippings. I find they really reduce weed transfer and provide a natural finish to my lawn.

  • Evergreen80

    What about your borders? Have you used bark chippings or general mulch?

  • Hugo Hocknell

    The geometry's spot on, very stable! I was a crumb worried the bike's too fast for me, but 2 weeks in and I'm getting used to the Superfast Exocet now. I really liked the look of the black one, but went for a white one because I had a spare roll of white bar tape kicking around at home and thought white bars & frame would ‘be in bed together’… plus Sir Ian of Cammish uses a white one, so it must be fast! Yes – The lawn really struggled during May’s drought, but I used Miracle-Gro liquid lawn feed and forked it regularly!

  • Evergreen80

    Do you use lawn-feed?

  • P L Onka

    Is it very fast? Have you gone fast enough on it to experience any speed wobble - or is the geometry spot on? Do you think a black one would be any faster ... maybe?

  • Hugo Hocknell

    Thanks! I'm 5'10" and the frame is a size small.

  • P l Onka

    Hey Hugo - really lovely looking bike matey. How tall are you and what size is it please?

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