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Darth Velo

It is stealth, fast!

Darth Velo


  • Ewan Hardie, 36
  • Location:
  • Model:


  • polyx

    All you need is to paint your bottle to black )

  • EricH

    I voted your bike 4 stars!

  • SolW

    Wicked bike!!

  • stevo

    Remember the episode of knight rider? When Michael Knight had an evil brother who chased him about? Well this is his bike that he got on the cycle to work scheme!!

  • colin

    This bike looks sick! do you know the colour codes, would really like to use these colours on my Landrover project.

  • Willemd

    If Batman had a bike, this is what it would look like!

  • John L

    I did a winter race up in your neck of the woods, stayed at the Fairmont hotel right by where you took the shot (I'm guessing it's by the water gates?) Loved Ottawa, bloody colder than Toronto. Great bike, and I'm so getting that bento box in cammo green...right now!

  • Dr Frankenstealth

    It looks evil,can it race in daylight?

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