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Nice frame easy build. I replaced a steel frame MB which I converted to a touring bike for this build. I wanted something lighter and quicker. I chose the small frame for two reasons, my inside leg is 29" and although I can ride a medium frame I find that I have to use a very short stem and the saddle has to be in a very low position which means the bracket to my kids tag along does not fit unless I put the saddle up. I was worried that this frame might be a little small but first ride has dispelled these fears. Couple of issues with the build. The seat bolt clamp is an odd size so I had to order one 29.8mm and the front mech 28.6 bottom pull is not common. I made a spacer but the dual top/ bottom pull at the back of my Deore LX interferes with mudguard and will limit tyre clearance. I have cut away the mudguard and plan to replace the current 23mm tyres with Marathon 28mm. The chain stays could do with being 10-15mm longer. I have used for now the butterfly bars from the donor bike but plan to go with drops, this will require mini Vs or converters or cants and new shifters ect. With the small frame I also needed to cut about 30 mm from the seat post so it did not sit on the bottle mounts. First impressions are comfortable not overly heavy and relaxed geometry , the bike is very stable. Looking to replace rear wheel with a touring 36 spoke and add rear rack. Chocolate colour is ok but I am not really bothered about what a bike looks like. Specs 11-34 9 speed 48-38-28 Square Taper UN 54 Deore LX front/rear Deore LX Leavers Deore LX V Brakes DA 22 Rims 32 Spoke

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  • Roy, 48
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    United Kingdom
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