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the colour !!!! the ritchey finnishing kit and sram red (yellow)and a nice set of 808s to finnish it off ....i am an andover wheeler so if you know the kit you know why i went for green and yellow :)



  • Gregg James, 40
  • Hobbies:
    cycling and sleeping
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
  • Model:
    RT-57 Carbon


  • Marton

    Great looking bike, and a great setup! May i ask what size is this frame, and how tall are you? best: Marton

  • Stu

    Oh, that looks amazing!!! That looks super quick! Who ever rides that must be flying and a top Cyclist!!! I would definetly see him if I bumped into him!!

  • Matt Priddle

    Y'army! OTBC...

  • Tom Ashworth

    Its bright with shades on ! What a big ride for me Princes Risborough on my black n red RT-57

  • tristan

    cant deny thats a spectacular peice of kit. might see you at thruxton sometime on it

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