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SL Pro Carbon

great looks, light weight and price.I built this up as a weight weenies project and is currently at 6.44kg or 14.2Lb. got a few more bits to change to get it a bit lighter.

SL Pro Carbon


  • Wan Hong Leung
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    SL Pro Carbon Road


  • wan hong leung

    HI pachulski I would like to reply to your post but could you translate to english please. Thanks.

  • pachulski

    bonjour.tres joli velo de wan hong leung,aussi je voudrais connaitre son prix et son montage. sportivement.pierre

  • wanh

    Upgraded the shifters to Dura-Ace 7900

  • wanh

    It's a small size and Im 5ft 5in, it has a 90mm stem on it but could also use a 100mm for a bit more strech.

  • James

    nice looking bike. what size frame is it, and how tall are you?

  • wanh

    Just an update on my bike

  • wanh

    bit more tuning now 6.66kg

  • wanh

    got the bike weight at my bike shop to confim the weight, came out 6.72kg- 14.8Lb.

  • wanh

    Took some more material off the seatpost now its 189g and my carbon cage to 16g with the dremel

  • wanh

    hi I have many light parts selected for its lighter weight, but I have changer all the bolts to Ti and alloy, tuned the rear mech, Kcnc skewers 42g, tuned saddle to 112g, the seatpost we have is heavy at 282g so I tuned mine down to 213g with a lighter clamp mech and I don't need spacers under my stem saving more grams. too much to list, all the hidden bits you can't see. A dremel is a great weight saver too.

  • Allan

    6,62kg!?!? how did you get it down to that!!! Seams a little off.... but please tell? As I would love to shave some more weigt of mine. My bike (SL pro size S)was 7,38kg with conti attack/force tyre combo and lighter tubes(before the SRAM S60 wheels came on) but including pedals, bottle cage and also GPS bracket. Not to forget the lighter saddle(140gr.)

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