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Chariot Of Fire

This was a retro build using all silver components and downtube gear levers. I used 10spd. Campag. drivechain and Dia Compe d/t levers which work great, so smooth with the abilty to change through several gears in one action, I wonder why they're not more popular? I've built the bike for comfort rather than racing, wanting to go for longer, more effortless rides. It rides beautifully and certainly grabs the attention.

Chariot Of Fire


  • Philip Rogers
  • Location:
    Groby, Leicestershire,
    United Kingdom
  • Model:
    Viner Record


  • PaulS

    I asked and sadly the latest and future models aren't going to be chromed even on the dropouts. A shame that the spec seems to be dropping while the price remains the same. That's not like the planetX approach with their other frames...

  • Philip

    The frame was supplied already chrome plated by Planet X. It might be worth asking whether they still have any left in your size.

  • Paul

    Did you chrome plate the forks and chainstay? If so who did the plating? Or did you just strip back to the bare steel and lacquer over? It looks bonny with a bit of the paint off...

  • Pauline Brooks

    Nice job, you can see the bike has been well used and not abused. Lovely colour, better than all the silver bikes you see these days.

  • lin

    wow what a hot sexy bike! I like the way that the guy who built it did so because of "wanting to go for longer"!!!

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