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Guerciotti Record

Classic looks and a smooth ride.

Guerciotti Record


  • Aaro
  • Model:
    Viner Record


  • Alexander Eriksen

    This is one fantastic looking bike. Awakes real emotions from the "golden age". Great work! What's up with 3 out of 5 on all bikes? This is as nice a build as they ever come. 5 out 5 clearly!!

  • Mark Felton

    Simply Superb looking Record and authentic in every detail with Brooks bits, Retro shifters, Campag and pedals - Great job and happy riding - I have a Black G Record and love riding it and feeling a bit unique as we are!!

  • IanB

    That's a real stunner! Beautiful classic looks with well chosen modern kit. Every detail looks really well though out. Makes me want one. Well done!

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