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Steve Killer

Cheers to Ian in PX for all the great advise and great customer service delivering this perfect fit tri bike. Fitted with DA group set (Ultegra rear deraileur), Profile Design Ozero bull bars, Pro Tunrnix Tri Saddle, PX 50/80 Aero Wheelset and Look Keo max pedals. Weighing in under 8.5kg

Steve Killer


  • Rory , 34
  • Hobbies:
  • Location:
    Republic Of Ireland
  • Model:
    Stealth Pro Carbon TT


  • Steve O Kane

    Hey, Im actually steve, who he plans to kill. i didnt believe him till he gave me a go of this bike last sat while doing some TT training intervals. Yes it will kill Steve stone dead, thats why i am now going to order one straight away. what a perfect bike!!!

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