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My New Ride!!!

I couldn't afford a new bike all at once, so I bought the frame/forks/new parts when I had the cash and took the rest off my old bike and built it up. Suppose that's what the beauty of Planet X/OnOne is, great prices for folk that are not minted(like me)! The photos range from start of the build, to the first proper road ride I done with all things working(gears/brakes) and the contact points positioned correctly. She rode so smoothly, and I was shocked at how big a gear I was turning on some of the hills and she's so nicely balanced coming down the descents too! In fact I was so happy with the ride, that it didn't even upset me that the roads were wet and the bike ended up very dirty!!!

My New Ride!!!


  • Malcolm Brownlee
  • Hobbies:
    Thinking about getting "fit", and not doing it very well.
  • Location:
    Galashiels. Scottish Borders. ,
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
    Machine operator.
  • Model:
    SL Pro Carbon Road


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