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My Bad Uncle

My uncle is a BAD BAD Man, we have taken to the trails and we are burning them up, smashing times set on my Cube HT MTB and having MORE fun at the same time.I'm not a fan of Canti's but the fork doesnt take disks so to upgrade its gonna to be hella costly, but something I feel i'll have no choice but to do.To read more of my thoughs feel free to follow my blog at:

My Bad Uncle


  • Gary Brennan, 30
  • Hobbies:
    Weight Loss Cyclist
  • Location:
    North West, England,
    United Kingdom
  • Model:
    Uncle John


  • Gary

    Hi David No, the bike is still here, waiting for winter.

  • David

    Haven't you just sold this via eBay sir? There was someone on there selling a PX Uncle J with a photo of the bike taken right in front of that bridge!!!? P.S. - just read your blog, absolutely awesome - which is a word I don't use lightly. Wonderful achievement, inspiring. David

  • Liam Hallam

    I love my seedy Uncle John too! See myPlanet X Bikes - Uncle John here

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