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For Sunday Best (and Saturday!)

This bike is fantastic... it's my pride and joy It's also the first new bike I've ever owned - previously only been able to afford second hand ones etc but then Planet X managed to put together such a great deal with great spec components such as the SRAM Red shifters and their ultralight brakeset that I just could not resist. The first upgrade I did was get myself to Bike Science at Bristol and get a retul fit. This in my opinion was the best upgrade for me and the bike! Afer getting my position dialled in I could then go and ride it properly and also look to change a few of the other components on it - to personalise it to be my own :)

For Sunday Best (and Saturday!)


  • Justin Parker
  • Hobbies:
    Triathlon... no time for anythnig else!
  • Location:
    South Wales,
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
  • Model:
    SL Pro Carbon Road


  • JustinP

    I managed my first century ride on Easter Monday, the Cotswold Spring Classic. I officially love this bike, it flew up the hills whilst people on more expensive bikes were were languishing, including some walking on the 20% plus climbs. I ran the bike with the model b wheelset as some of the roads were fairly pot-holey - no problems with the wheels and still perfectly true

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