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Aunt Sally

Now 5 years old, this bike is great on two levels - Firstly, it is a superb all rounder for winter training - touring and the 3 Peaks. Secondly, it is a test bed for some of my wilder ideas. It started as a drop-bar build with RC31 forks and basic mechanical disks, then to CX forks and Hope hydraulics (a world first?), then to Avid mechanical disks and lately to flat bars (to keep up with the wife's descending on 3 Peaks. Finally it is augmented with (courtesy of EBay)a suspension stem and seat post. Who knows what next!

Aunt Sally


  • Peter Ferguson, 60
  • Hobbies:
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
    Van driver/philanthropist
  • Model:
    Uncle John


  • Lee

    how did u manage to get wheels for disk brakes? iv been trying for a while? thanks

  • PeterF

    Oops - flat bars now banned for 3 Peaks. Back to drops then (or maybe Midges)

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