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Great new frame; built to replace my Nanolight (which I got knocked off last year). Very happy with it - thanks P-X



  • Andy MacAlister, 43
  • Hobbies:
    Fell running, cycling (road & MTB)
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Model:


  • John Manders

    My brand new Exocet 2 fills with water. It's a real pain, after a 40min ride last week I collected nearly half a bottle of water from the frame. This problem has started to ruin my bottom bracket and head set, this bike has only been on the road three weeks

  • LeoH

    My Nanolight also takes in loads of water when washed and when it has been riding in the rain. It seems to be a general problem with the PX frames. Leo Hav

  • Nick

    My frame has been filling up with loads of water, when racing or training in the rain. It is a real pain. I cleared out the drainage holes but the only way to get the water out was by removing the seat post and spending a solid 15 minutes jiggling the bike. Then, all sorts of grit worked its way into the steerer tube, which had to be removed and re-greased. What a hassle. On a positive note, the bike handles well and accelerates really well. I am very happy with the bike in races, if only it didn't fill-up with water!

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