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Uncle John

My winter cruiser, when cyclo cross season starts I fit the drops and away we go simples. I love Planet X gear the clothing is great value.

Uncle John


  • Mark Thomson, 51
  • Hobbies:
  • Location:
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
  • Model:
    Uncle John


  • Mick Rowlandson

    Hi Mark, just looking at your photo and would like to know what size frame you're riding?

  • Birger

    I'm using 42mm Continental Cyclo X tyres and still have some 5mm clearance in each side in the chainstay and even more in the fork. Lets see some more pictures. B

  • Nick

    what is the weight? and do mtb tyres of 40mm fitt on this bike, I would like to make a 29er mtb of this machine? greetings Nick

  • markt

    Hi Running Mitch cyclocross mud Cheers

  • Neil A

    Hi Mark, What tyres are you running on your UJ?

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