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Mountain Bike Frames

Planet X sister brand On-One have for years enjoyed a cult reputation amongst die-hard trail bikers both here in the UK and further afield. Designed, engineered and ridden on our homegrown trail scene, our range of mountain bike frames now includes US boutique brands: Tomac and Titus- completing a range of carbon, steel and aluminium MTB frames that offer the ultimate price-to-performance ratio!

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One of the UK's top ranges of mountain bike frames

Take a look at our extensive range of mountain bike frames, curated to suit all types of trail riders. From lightweight, agile frames for cross-country racing to durable frames designed for downhill challenges, we offer options from brands like On-One and Titus. Whether it's for a custom mountain bike project or an upgrade, you'll find the ideal frame or frameset to start your build.

When browsing, you'll notice we offer both frames and framesets. The frame is the core of the bike, consisting of the front triangle and rear stays, while a frameset typically includes the frame and fork, with some sets also featuring a headset and seat post. Check each product description to see what's included with your purchase.

Types of mountain bike frames we stock

Our mountain bike frames come in a variety of materials, including titanium, aluminium, steel, and carbon, each suited to different riding conditions and styles. Titanium MTB frames offer a blend of strength and lightness, ideal for riders who value longevity and comfort. Aluminium MTB frames are great for those who want a reliable ride without breaking the bank, while steel is favoured for its toughness and classic feel. Carbon MTB frames are the top choice for performance-oriented riders due to their lightweight and rigidity. Every model is a bit different but generally we stock sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL in 27 to 29 inch configurations.

Popular mountain bike frame colours

Our mountain bike frames are available in a selection of colours to match your personal taste or coordinate with your gear. Classic blacks and whites are always in stock, alongside vibrant options like blues, reds, and greens, and more subdued tones like greys and silvers. No matter your preference, we've got the colour to make your mountain bike stand out on the trails.