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Titanium Gravel Bike Frames

When you’re after superior ride performance and impressive strength and durability, it’s hard to beat our titanium gravel bike frames. All our titanium frames are constructed using only premium Aerospace Grade 9 3AL-2.5V Titanium. This material is tough. It shrugs off impacts that could write off many other frames. It’s also lighter than other metals, having the same strength as steel but saving 45% of the weight. Like steel, it has great dampening properties too, and well-constructed Titanium frames have a unique character, enhancing the efficiency of your ride. Another important benefit of this metal, especially if you’ll be putting your bike to the test in all sorts of conditions, is that it’s corrosion resistant, so will not rust. Offering plenty of tyre clearance and a variety of luggage mounts, the frames in this range are ideal for gravel adventures and off-road exploring alike.
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