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The ultimate choice of champions! The CX Ray is one of the most advanced, lightweight and strongest spokes available on the market - perfect for any kind of competitive cycling from Road Racing to MTB Downhill!

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Black / 202mm
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Silver / 202mm
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Black / 208mm
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Silver / 208mm
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Sapim's CX-Ray bladed aero spoke is the leading choice of champions. CX-Ray spokes have an aerodynamic advantage over round spokes and build into lighter, stronger wheels.

With a weight nearly 30 percent lighter than standard double butted spokes, you would expect to give up strength. CX-Ray spokes withstand more than 3.5 million load reversals in fatigue tests, 3x more than any spoke on the road.

CX-Ray aero spokes are produced from high-tensile 18/8 stainless steel, which is ideally suited for the rigorous demands of spokes. Even downhill racers use CX-Ray spokes because of their strength and durability.

Additional information:

Weight: 32 spokes weigh 141g (32 x 264mm); 4.41g / spoke
Colors: black or silver
Even lengths: 182mm to 310mm

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Product Code:WSSACXR

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